Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Goal for You

Story County Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to help people recover, both physically and emotionally, from heart attack, heart-related procedures or surgery. Completing a cardiac rehabilitation program helps reduce the risk of future heart attacks. The program is also appropriate for people who are at risk of developing heart problems or have chronic heart disease.

Through monitored, individualized physical exercise, education, and counseling, Story Medical's team of highly trained and skilled cardiac rehabilitation professionals work together with patients, their families and their physician to help achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Referral Information

Steve Van Dam, Exercise Physiologist
(515) 382-7116

Sharon Henry, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse
(515) 382-7114


Story Medical Cardiac Rehabilitation
Story Medical North Campus
630 Sixth Street
Nevada, IA 50201

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation is the initial recovery period. It begins after a related heart procedure while the patient is in the hospital and ends when the patient discharged. Phase I rehabilitation is not a requirement for Phase II rehabilitation. However, referrals are generally made by the cardiologist or primary care physician overseeing Phase 1 rehabilitation.

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation has two components: exercise and education.


The exercise portion is individualized to meet the needs of each patient. Sophisticated heart monitoring equipment is used during each exercise session to ensure patient safety. While the emphasis is on gradually increasing aerobic activity, muscle strengthening and flexibility are also incorporated. Exercise sessions are monitored by an experienced exercise physiologist and registered nurse with clinical expertise in electrocardiography and coronary care.


The education component consists of individual and or group discussion of cardiac risk factors, lifestyles changes, medication use and managing life stressors. Individualized nutrition counseling is also available meet with a registered dietician. Family members are an integral part of the recovery process and are encouraged to attend any education or exercise session. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) instruction is offered to family members by our certified instructors. Patients are referred to Story Medical's Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation program by their physicians and typically participate in Phase II cardiac rehabilitation 1 hour, three days/week. The program lasts six to twelve weeks depending on the needs of the patient. Once a referral from a physician is made, Story Medical staff will contact the patient to begin the process of rehabilitation after Phase II.

Phase III & IV Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation is a group fitness program designed to maintain and improve cardiovascular health. Participants in the Fit-4-Life program receive an individualized exercise prescription to be completed under the supervision and direction of an experienced exercise physiologist. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored throughout the sessions.

Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation is exercise done on an individual basis. The cardiac rehabilitation staff is available to consult with patients regarding a physical fitness plan best suited to meet their health care needs.

Phase III and Phase IV can be combined to further a patient's overall recovery.


Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies will pay for some or all of the cost of Story Medical's Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Check with your medical insurance provider to obtain information about coverage for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.

Please call exercise physiologist, Steve Van Dam, at (515) 382-7116 or the cardiac rehabilitation nurse at (515) 382-7114 for more information or a referral.